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The Airtel Hyderabad Marathon today might have become synonymous with many things which are Hyderabadi. It owes the current status to the vision, passion and hard work of the members of Hyderabad Runners, the team that had introduced this mammoth racing extravaganza to the city of Hyderabad.

Born as not-for-profit organisation in 2007, a good four years before the Marathon began to run across Hyderabad, the team dedicated its endeavour to inculcate community running culture in the city, roping in people from all walks of life. The baby steps covered shorter runs before the half and full marathons made their place on the map.

Mission : To promote running as the preferred form of exercise in and around the twin cities.

Vision : Reach out to every section of the city with the goal of achieving a fit, athletic and active Hyderabad.


From a modest beginning in 2011 to the mega culmination in August 2015, Airtel Hyderabad Marathon has completely redefined the running culture of the city of the Nizams.

It has become a signature event of the city where the city's big and famous, young and old, men and women, all run, with zeal in the heart and 'josh' in the mind.

The concept of community running may still be in its infancy in India, but Hyderabad Runners through runs of various specifications and themes, have set a tone and a calendar that spurs many to reschedule their plans for the sake of running.

In its sixth version, Airtel Marathon salutes the spirit of Hyderabad and promises to deliver the marathon bonanza in its standards, rewards, engagement and ultimate runner experience.

Today Airtel Hyderabad Marathon is recognized as the second biggest marathon in India after Mumbai Marathon, and one of the best-organised city runs in the world.

You may just run into your favourite film star, you may overtake your local politician, may run alongside a top business man. All made possible only at the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon!